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Here’s a quick roundup of news stories about healthy fats:

almonds and almond flour can be healthyIs Almond Flour a Healthy Choice?

Almonds are packed with healthy “plant fats” and many people are using almond flour has a healthy gluten-free alternative to whole grain flours. Here’s a helpful video explaining the best way to use it.

Omega-3 fatty acids don’t help with MS, study finds

Taking fish oil and other omega-3 fatty acid supplements may not help people with multiple sclerosis in terms of slowing the progress of the disease, according to a new study from Norway. Still, many experts suggest taking healthy fat supplements for other reasons, whether you have MS or not.

Many Overweight People Need to Eat More Fat!

overweight girl looking at scaleIt may seem strange but overweight people should be eating a decent amount of fat every day. In fact, eating fat — the right kind of fat — is one of the true “secrets” of losing weight naturally and keeping it off over time! Many experts believe that increasing consumption of omega 3 fatty acids in particular is key to helping solve the world’s growing obesity problem.

Unfortunately many overweight and obese people still don’t understand the importance of consuming significant amounts of healthy fats on a regular basis — especially monounsaturated plant oils and omega-3-rich seafood.The good news is that more and more large news and media outlets around the world are educating people about good/healthy fats.

Energy Boost for Cancer Survivors

omega-3 fat rich fishIf you’re a cancer survivor you may want to seriously consider adding more healthy omega-3 fats to your diet! A new US study found that consuming large doses of omega-3′s significantly boosts the energy levels of long-term cancer survivors and improves their overall quality of life.

While experts aren’t 100% sure why these healthy oils — like those found in fish and some plant foods — help so much, one theory is that they lower they inflammation that can remain in the body for years after certain cancer treatments. The results of the study linked higher omega-3 intake with decreased inflammation levels and less physical fatigue in cancer patients!

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